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office oracle – mygpt

Clarity in Writing {ADHD-Friendly}

Office Oracle is a customized ChatGPT, centered in writing excellence, transforming the way words work for you. With our advanced solutions for professional writing, from groundbreaking AI tools to ADHD-friendly strategies, we lead the charge in revolutionizing office writing for every professions.

The Long Term Effects when ADHD Isn’t Treated

Explore the extensive consequences when ADHD goes undiagnosed, from personal well-being to societal costs. Read why it’s important to get diagnosed and treat ADHD it’s too late.

Click to learn more and take proactive steps towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Meditation for ADHD

Learn to observe and respond to your thoughts and emotions without reacting.

Moms w/ ADHD

Get insights on how to help you and your child live your best ADHD life.

Psych & ADHD

Applying Behavioral Economics principles for ADHD strategies.

Discover Successful People living with ADHD

The world is no stranger to individuals with ADHD. Explore success stories from people living with ADHD. Differences in the brain might make everyday life more challenging but they can also enable a person to excel. Learn how you can harness your ADHD superpowers.

” I knew I had strengths that other people didn’t have, and my parents reminded me of them when my teachers didn’t see them.”

David Neeleman

Founder and CEO, Breeze Aireways

“My mind used to be like a traffic jam, crazy, and then with the medication, it’s like: One care goes, then another car goes.”

Barry Keoghan

Irish Actor

“This movie, obviously, when you look at it now, was made by someone with ADHD.”

Daniel Kwan

Director of “Everything Everywhere All at once” move

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